Complete software solution without additional investments in development. Complies with PCI DSS Level 1 requirements. Allows to connect directly to the VISA and MasterCard payment systems in the principal’s status.

Contains all the functionality needed to accept payment cards online. Allows to give up on the services of an intermediary payment gateway and work directly with several acquiring banks.

Contains the advanced functionality required to connect merchants without the IPSP participation. Installed in the existing infrastructure, expanding the capabilities of existing solutions based on OpenWay, Compass Plus, Tieto.

All types of payment cards supported

Main features

  • Host-to-host and pre-host integration with banks, payment systems, 3-D Secure via MPI maintenance.
  • Connectors for OpenWay, Compass Plus, Tieto products.
  • Adaptive payment page with high conversion.
  • Instruments for conducting A/B – campaigns, conversion and passability analysis.
  • The most functional merchants’ back office in the market.
  • Protection system against fraudulent transactions based on machine learning, analysis of the buyer's behavior on the payment page.
  • Programming of script payment processing.
  • Payments and settlements in any currencies, dynamic conversion.
  • Recurring and recurrent payments, card tokenization, card payments (OCT), MOTO, e-invoicing, dynamic descriptor, long record, DSRP (Apple Pay, etc.)
  • Simple RESTful API for merchants’ connection.
  • Automatic checking with acquirers.
  • Financial accounting and mutual settlements with counterparties.
  • Reports and analytics in real time.
  • Full-functional administrative back office
  • Popular cryptocurrencies support.
  • Compliance with PCI-DSS Level 1 requirements.

Distribution models


  • Single payment: $0
  • Monthly payment: calculated individually depending on the number of operations and bundling.

LicenseBox solution

  • Single payment: calculated individually, depending on bundling.
  • Monthly payment: calculated individually

Additional services

Advanced technical support

Integration with acquiring banks and payment service provider.

Development of new functionality on a «turnkey», basis.

Assistance in PCI DSS preparation and passage.


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